Monday, August 13, 2012

Get correct communication with Cross 2

Get correct communication with Cross by RF transmitter  (Monochrome 100cm)
1. This is the RF transmitter, one port connect PC (notebook), another one plus in the Cross

  2. RF on the Notebook
 3. Screw the small black antenna on Cross

4. Then we open our cross edit software (below is a sample with our Spanish software)
   4.01Set Cross resolution and Baud rate. 80 Cross, 100 Cross and 120 Cross are,
   Resolution: 48 × 48 (pixel)
   Baud rate: 9600 (bps)
 4.02. Set Cross address(Search Cross)
    Each Cross is set and supplied with one exclusive ADDRESS. The address is an 8-digit code which is       composed of numbers (0~9) and capital letters (A~F). It is usually printed on a label sticked inside the   control box of Cross and on the label which is sticked on the outside package of Cross.

5. At this stage, if all the setting is correct, the software gets the correct communication and will say “Find cross!”

6. As soon as the software finds the Cross, user can already send messages to the Cross.

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