Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lumen control card WIFI communication

 WIFI Operating Instruction ( for our outdoor/ indoor led display softwares)

1.       Charge the LED Screen, turn on the Computer wireless internet communication, find and connect the TP-LINK_XXX

2.       Change the computer wireless IP Address: 192.168.1.X, subnet mask:, Default Gateway:

3.       Open the LED Center software, Find ‘Ledtool’—Choose the right Control card Model number

4.       After entering the setting interface, Choose Communication way—NetworK, then change IP address:, ID: Port: 5200

5.       Click ‘Read’, Readback Parameters

6.        After Readback Successful, close the setting interface
7.        Choose Setting—Advance—Define LED Screen

8.        Enter the Screen Parameter setting interface, Choose ‘Edit’—Password: 16888

9.    Enter the Screen parameter setting interface, Choose the correct Control Card model number, Width, Height and Color based on the Screen Properties. Then Change the Communication type ‘Network’, IP:, ID:, Port: 5200 (our white signs, indoor :256x32dot, outdoor: 192x16dot)

10.  Completed above steps, then we can edit the programs to send

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