Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bi-color Led Message Board for outdoor

P20 bi-color Led Message board
24 dot×112 dot
 High-brightness LEDs
 Bi-color Led display
High Accuracy Dot Matrix
P20 2R1G
Cabinet Sizebordure included
Net display size
Pixel density
2500 dot/m²
Pixel Pitch(mm)
20 mm
Pixel constitute
Module size
Module resolution
20×20 dot
Screen module constitute
Vertical3 modules
Horizontal: 7 modules
Screen display resolution
24 dot ×112 dot
Scanning mode
Constant flow source drive+1/4 dynamic scanning
Communication mode
RS232 or WIFI
Control system
Asynchronous offline system
Display content
Temperature, time, date, animation, picture, text, etc
Ex-works Unit price

Note: With WiFi communication add more $80.00
  1. Support and can display multi- languages.
  2. Supports animation, picture, text, clock, temperature, etc. 
  3. Control system: Asynchronous offline system
  4. More than 60 effects for text and picture, such as: snow fall, mosaic, slide zebra, fan open etc.,
  5. Supports the segmentation of up to ten playing windows for each program.
  6. Supports playing the content in different formats for each playing window
  7. Auto on/off and time scheduling.
  8. With real-time clock (RTC) management and setting, support digital and simulative clock. 
  9. Supports environmental data programs like temperature, etc. 
  10. Supports sensors installed externally (32-grade brightness)
  11. Program list edit and display control by infrared controller or keyboard
  12. Supports various wireless communication modes: WIFI, GPRS, ZigBee, RF...
  13. Colors: single color, bi-color, or RGB (full color display) optional.

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