Monday, September 3, 2012

25 inches Large digital Led outdoor Clock

Large digital Led outdoor clock (red)
big outdoor led clock, large led timer
 25 Inches Characters High Big Timer
outdoor led timer, big led clock
 for outdoor waterproof IP65, front open maintenance
 large outdoor led clock red
 Train station, Airport outdoor led clock displays
red time temperature clock sign
Our factory offers various Large Led Clock: Single color - Red, Green, Yellow, Blue or White, bright Silan LEDs, life span 10years. Display: Time, Date, Temperature, Humidity etc

 LED Clock Features:
  1. Outer frame is adopt cold rolled galvanized steel, panel material thickness is 2mm;
  2. Cabinet is handled with parkerising rust-proof,spray plastic at face grey;
  3. Radiator inside the cabinet and waterproof structure at the backside door.
  4. Can display time, date, temperature, humidity, gas price etc. Time and date can be check accuracy via GPS satellite.
  5. There are four levels of display brightness can be adjustable.
 SH-25 Inches Clock Specification:
Model No.
Screen Size(edge covering include)
8 Digit Size
25 “
Screen Digit Constituter
4 digits of “8”
Color Display
Display Content
Time, Date, Temperature, Humidity etc
Spec 1
Single sided or double sided(steel case)
Spec 2
Single sided or double sided (aluminum case)

Led outdoor Clock application: they are widely used in Public areas,Offices, Factories,Train station Bus station, Airport, Hotel, Church, Hospital etc.These are popular either for simply providing public information, informing workers in production areas of potential problems with their working environment or counting to the opening of an event.

A GPS receiver module allows clocks to be calibrated by atomic time. This Digital LED clocks can take their time signal from GPS satellite time signals ensure complete synchronisation and absolute accuracy.That means your clocks will always display the correct legal time. With the GPS receiver the PC is only used for the clocks' initialization setting only.

The Exterior LED Clocks are manufactured incorporating high brightness LEDs to 5000mcds and are suitable for all-day viewing in direct sunlight and can incorporate ambient light sensors for night time viewing. 

Buy factory direct and save Large digital led outdoor clock, product video online:  
Contact: Serena Ye, Email:, MSN: salesserena@hotmail. Thank you!

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