Friday, September 7, 2012

Large Blue led clock, Outdoor Led Time, Temperature Signs

12 inches Large Blue led clock
outdoor blue led clock, large led clock bright
 Single sided blue clock 100x38x12cm
 led clock display, outdoor led time temperature sign
GPS Automatically timing led display
outdoor led time temperature display, led clock
Alternating Time-date-Temperature-Humidity display
large led clock timer sign
Factory wholesale many sizes and colors LED clock, Large LED clock, Digital Clock display, Led Time/ Date/ Temperature/ Humidity Sign.

Model No. SH-Digital-12Inches
Dimension (1 sided) 100x 38x 12cm
Viewing Angle >100°
Power supply 110V – 240V
Led Lifespan 100,0000 hours
Color Red, Amber, Green or Blue LED 
Clock edit Software English (XP WIN7 etc)
Packing Size 45x 116 x 23cm
General Weight 24 KG
Free Warranty 1 year (lifelong maintenance)
Accessories RS232 cable, GPS module, Temperature Sensor
Remark This Digital LED clock can take their time signal from GPS satellite time signals ensure complete synchronisation and absolute accuracy. That means your clocks will always display the correct legal time. With the GPS receiver the PC is only used for the clocks' initialization setting only


  • 1, Outer frame is adopt cold rolled galvanized steel, panel material thickness is 2mm;
  • 2, Cabinet is handled with parkerising rust-proof, spray plastic at face grey;
  • 3, Radiator inside the cabinet and waterproof structure at the backside door.
  • 4, Can display time, date, temperature, humidity, gas price etc. Time and date can be check accuracy via GPS satellite.
  • 5, There are four levels of display brightness can be adjustable. 
  • Alternating Time & Temperature Display
  • Available in Red, Amber, Green or Blue LED's 
  • Double-sided or Signle sided 
  • Temp Display is Configurable in Celsius
  • Time Display is Configurable in 24 hour
  • Operational Temperature Range: -15℃~65℃
  • Larger Sizes and Message Board Signs Available  
  • Application for indoor, semi-outdoor, outdoor

Enhance your existing signage and time stamp your company location with a Time & Temperature Sign. Custom cabinet sizes available. 
Indoor or Outdoor Led clock sign are ideal for attracting potential customers' attention to your business.
Our highly visible and commercial grade LED Displays ensure continued productivity and preventative safety throughout your workplace and production facility.
Buy factory direct  LED Time and Temperature blue led clock sign, customized service available, Contact: Serena Ye. Email/ MSN:

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