Sunday, August 26, 2012

China export Programmable Electronic Led Message Board 16x192dot

Green Led Message Board 16x192dot
Programmable Led Message Board
Scrolling Signs Manufacturer with CE Certificate
Programmable Led Signs Application:
Electronic Led Message Board are ideal for attracting potential customers' attention to your business, while providing beneficial information to the community. Competitively priced to give you outstanding value, while minimizing your maintenance and energy costs.
Indoor LED Message Board:          
Display Resolution
Control Mode
16×192 dot
Aluminium alloy
Remote control

VisionLED Programmable Electronic Led Message board Features:
1. Single color and bicolor display are supported by system, user can customize various fundamental colors(normally they are red, pure green, pure blue, yellow, amber, white, and purple etc.) message sign.
2. Wireless infrared key panel remote entering control, maximum 10m range.
3. Also can use wired communication, USB/RS232 are optional.
4. 40 play files, 10 animations can be pre-stored by the sign system, user can edit play lists and listed files through remote control or software. And preview edit result by remote control.
5. System attached 9 fonts of western languages in common use, resolution range 5*7 to 8*16; Color and display effect are optional for any font .
6. Expand Latin character(Unicodeis contained in font library, input all Latin character by remote control or software are supported.
7. There are 29 pop international special effect displays, 8 levels display speed and 5 display frame programs are self contained can be adjusted and set.
8. There are 8 levels luminosity adjustable in the message signs’ system.
9. Convenient border efficient visual edit software attached, which contain preview edit function and support all languages’ windows systems(me/2000/xp/vista/win7).
10. Can display timely temperaturetime and date; Display mode can be edited by remote controller or software.

Advertising Led message board Product Video online: Contact: Serena Ye,

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